Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Voltage

Developed by Bandai Namco, Ninja Voltage is a simplistic RPG game and so easy to play for all users. This game is coming with a combat system with many abilities assigned to all characters. You must learn how to play with a specified character. The gameplay is intuitive and easy for everyone, you have to touch the icon for an attack, after that you will see the action. Naruto is probably the most known character in the game, but don’t forget you have other like Boruto or Sasuke. Choose your favorite character and start to play it.

Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Voltage can be downloaded here!

Injustice 2

With an epical game graphic, Injustice 2 can be the best iOS game in 2018 without problems. If you are a big fan of superheroes, you can’t stay without downloading this game in your iOS device. This new game is coming with new jumping and attacks moves which confer you the possibility to create your own attacking signature. The gameplay is so important in this kind of games, so, the producer gives you the freedom to use in the fights what moves you need.


Injustice 2 can be downloaded here!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is probably a game that doesn’t need any presentation. It is a global phenomenon, played by tens of millions of people which are looking to capture the best Pokemon around them. Pokemon appear random on the map, you have to use your phone’s camera to capture it. Using your mobile GPS, starting walking and capture pokemon, collect items and mark your own pokemon gym.
This is a super captivate game, with many beautiful missions, you can have battled with other real people which they own pokemon. With all battles and become the Pokemon Go master.

Pokemon Go can be downloaded here!

Post Knight

Beautiful and simple adventure with a cute hero is waiting for you in Post Knight. Your mission is to collect goodies, complete all the quests and get the best deals for your items. You have to prove your warrior skills and of course the merchant capacity. The people from town need stuff, you are the best solution for them, go to collect the items, fight with wolfs or other animals and be a real hero for your people.


Post Knight is a free game which can be downloaded here!

Angry Birds 2

Probably this game developed by Rovio doesn’t need more presentations. Angry Birds games always were at the top, be it iOS or Android, even on PC or consoles. The gameplay of Angry Birds is improved, you have the freedom to play. You can forget that series when you touched for two, three or four times to release the spin. Also, the graphics are improved, the colors are more beautiful and natural, you will see it immediately when you open the game.


Angry Birds 2 is a free game and it can be downloaded here!

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